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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

How To Tie A Tie

Learn how to tie a tie, following step-by-step video instructions complete with real-life example!

Summary: Master the art of tying a tie in just easy to follow steps. Whether you’re brand new to wearing a neck tie; a casual wearer looking for a refresher course; or a neck tie veteran in search of a more efficient technique, we will help you. This article teaches how to tie a tie.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Curly Sue. Everything About Curling Irons. Is It Worth Using?

Notorious curling irons not only do your hair no harm but on the contrary, provide it with beauty and health. How did curling irons manage to correct their behaviour?

Curls became fetish at the autumn fahion shows. Models' hair was curly at Gucci, Preen, Nina Ricci and Blumarine.

Feminity is still in high demand.

The Name of the curling irons: SalonCurl Ceramic HP4658

Trademark - Philips

What's new:
Recently many curling irons have got a ceramic covering. It has a great influence on hair: the ceramics emits negative ions when heating. They remove a static electricity, thanks to this hair begin to shine healthily.

Curling irons are very thin, easy and convenient in use. Get hot and create curls very quickly. However, they are small enough.

The nuance:
It is better to curl your hair using hair spray. Then your curls will be elastic, naughty and lasting.

The Name of the curling irons: VT-2281

Trademark: Vitek

What's new:
Besides a ceramic covering, curling irons have double-sided heating, a spiral surface for hair setting and Aqua Ceramic technology. Thanks to this locks get warm in regular evenly and keep natural moisture.

The Device gets hot in a couple of minutes. Hair is easily twisted round the pivot. Curls look beautiful, accurate and large.

The nuance:
The cable has a revolving connection, therefore it does not twist in «telephone spirals» and does not interfere with your hairdressing.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Four Methods to Set Boundaries in Relationship

1. Know Yourself and Your Needs

Every relationship means a certain number of compromise, but you should never give up fundamental parts of who you are just to be with someone. You may have specific activities you engage in which he is not interested in or a commitment to your career which may require you to work on short notice. You might have children or other family members who need tending to, and you may have expectations about what you require in a relationship and what you want to give. Obvious boundaries such as not cheating or not engaging in physical or emotional abuse may go without saying, but it helps to know and acknowledge them before they come up in a relationship. The more you know about yourself, the easier you can convey your needs to your partner.

2. Clearly Set Your Limits

Relationship boundaries tend to fall into three basic categories: the amount of money you want to spend, the amount of time you want to spend, and the amount of emotional energy you want to spend. Recognize your limits on all three of them and determine the amounts you are willing to devote to your relationship. Once you have them, set rules for yourself about their expenditure and stand by them as your relationship proceeds.

3. Communicate Your Limits With Compassion but Clearly

No one can read a mind and your boyfriend may not have any idea where you draw these lines. As the relationship progresses, be very clear about your boundaries and do not be afraid to express them openly. You will likely gain some insight into your lover's probable reactions as you spend more time with him. Factor those into the way you approach your lover and always speak with him feelings in mind. But you should still be clear and resolute. Your partner should be able to understand your reasonable limitations and not try to wheedle or seduce you past them.

4. Accommodate Your Boyfriend's Boundaries

Just as you have your boundaries, so too does your boyfriend. As you talk about your needs and limitations, encourage your boyfriend to think about where she may draw the line and what boundaries he may have. Be open and receptive to what your boyfriend has to say, and let him feel comfortable with talking about them to you. Once you know what those boundaries are, you can talk about potential friction points, seek solutions to areas of disagreement, and find a place where you both can bond and grow without crossing either your boundaries or your boyfriend's.

Thursday, 18 September 2008


It's not a secret that every self-respecting celebrity has a personal stylist (or even a grope of stylists) who will never let his client to make a mistake in anything that concerns the public image. They always have a whole arsenal of devices that helps to hide appearance and dress defects. And one of those devises is Invisibelt.

The Invisibelt is already must-have on fashion shows and red carpets. The belt is transparent, invisible under clothes, it helps to narrow a silhouette and makes it more gracefully and is more womanly.

Kathy Kramer, the former editor of a fashionable magazine, is a creator of this magic belt. She sais:"I have a slender waist, but wide hips. I have invented Invisibelt for myself. Because even when I put a belt on my jeans, it looked not so good under my top ".

It seems like Hollywood stars have the same problems: it's true that every woman dreams about a wasp waist and trousers sitting perfectly on the figure. Among the celebrities which have taken advantage of the novelty, are Beyonce and Halle Berry. As you can see there is not the slightest defect!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Do you like massive bijouterie like Rihanna does?

And what do you think about huge "rings-earrings"? But one thing is to put on massive and bright ornaments to a awards party (as our celebrities do), and absolutely another thing is an ability to wear big bijouterie in the afternoon.

On the other hand, the summer is the best season to sparkle with a massive fingerring, the earrings, a set of bracelets put on at once or a large beads.

If you are nevertheless a true admirer of massive bijouterie, and huge earrings (rings) then these advices will be useful for you.:

Earrings made of gold or silver look perfectly with décolleté dress and with bared shoulders and neck. As there is no a big variety of earring designs purchasing ones pay attention to the texture and the material your rings are made of. And of course pay attention to weight of your bijouterie, be careful with your ear-laps, don't let them be tired. It is better when your earrings are hollow inside. Choose bracelets of the same colour and style and you will look magnificent at any party!

How To Make Your Legs Longer and Seem Taller Visually

The most of us wish to seem taller at any cost. At least a couple of centimetres. You can achieve it by means of small cunnings.

Probably, something is well known to you: for example, clothes, panty hose and footwear of the similar colour. However it is not always practical and defensible. Fashion experts advise to use other receptions.

Choose dresses with an overestimated waist and a free skirt. The hem should be a little lower or little above a knee. You should to refuse of fitting dresses and hipsters.

Do not put on short trousers at all: they will visually "cut" your feet.

Choose open-toe sandals with high heels: this is a universal remedy. However you should avoid belts on an anklebone: it is better to keep your heels opened.

You have every reason to wear short shorts, but it is necessary to choose not so fitting model without a high waistline.

Forget about short tops, opening your stomach. They visually extend the top part of your body, making your legs look shorter. Put on a long fitting T-shirt instead of them, it is desirable that it has pin tucks on a breast. Wear trousers with traditional waist (not hipsters and not high waistline), and watch that they were not too fitting.


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